Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope it will provide some insight to STEM from the career field as well as STEM outside the career field.

I am an experienced Manufacturing Engineer working in the aviation and aerospace industry, trained in Lean Six Sigma with my Green Belt Certification, and in the process of earning my Black Belt Certification.

I volunteer for any opportunity at hand to teach and engage young students in STEM, encouraging them to pursue a career with unlimited opportunities. STEM professionals push the boundaries and break the rules (in a good way), to launch humanity into the next generation of innovation. I strive to encourage the next generation to be a part of a world-changing industry and make a difference!

In 2018, I founded a non-profit, Gearing Up 4 STEM, to provide easily accessible resources to STEM educators in Northern Nevada.

Outside of my day job, I am a pilot and serve on the board of directors of the Reno High Sierra 99s chapter of the international organization The Ninety-Nines, Inc. We are a non-profit organization of women pilots seeking to “promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support.” I currently hold a Private Pilot License and am pursuing further ratings as time and money(of course) allow.

To further emphasize my life drenched in STEM, my husband is a middle school STEM teacher. We love to collaborate on better ways to engage young students in STEM, striving to ensure that they get the best opportunity to experience and investigate all that there is within the STEM realm.

I live and love STEM!