Drenched in STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

It is a widely popular, president-endorsed (See former President Obama’s 2017 Budget for STEM Education here), educational push to ensure younger generations are exposed to opportunities engaging them in STEM. This initiative comes at a time where the generation gap in the STEM workforce is becoming more and more prevalent. According to changetheequation.org, nearly 51% of engineering professionals are 45 years or older. I personally witness this statistic. At my work there is a wide gap between the generations of engineers. There exists a group of younger, Generation Y, engineers and then there exists the Baby Boomer generation of engineers. There are a few Generation X’s in there are as well, but a clear gap can be seen between the majority groups.

STEM job opportunities are set to grow by 17% over the next decade. With the educational push of STEM, the coalition is looking to close the gap and prevent future shortages of a STEM workforce even as the job market continues to grow. Unfortunately, I find myself explaining what STEM is to other people far too often. The awareness of STEM must increase. STEM needs to be a common acronym in our language.

In this blog it is my intent to fill it with all things STEM related, creating a space that is engaging, informational, and supportive to the STEM initiative.

I work in a STEM field, spend my free time in a “hobby” that is considered STEM, and am married to a man who lives the STEM educational push every day as a STEM teacher to middle school students.  The opportunities to be engaged in STEM are endless. Perhaps you are already a STEM professional looking for a different perspective in the STEM career field. Maybe you are a student, or a parent, looking for a window into what it can mean to be in the STEM industry. My experiences in no way encompass all that there is to STEM. STEM is seemingly endless. However, I will be sharing my own unique experiences, insights, and adventures as I live my life drenched in STEM, with a hope to stir up the conversation with others.

In case you were wondering… How many times did I just use the word STEM? 24 times!

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